Why You Should Take Your Other Half to Breakfast Dates

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Getting to know your date over pancakes in the early hours of the morning sounds really fun and perfect, doesn’t it? Whether your partner is a singer, aeronautical engineer or one of the Los Angeles voice over actors, they will have a good time if you take them out to breakfast. Here are some reasons why you should go for breakfast dates.

You will have a Comfortable Outfit to choose

When people go out in fancy and marvelous dinner dates, they usually have a lot to look after and prepare for. A lot of time and energy is spent just figuring out what to wear, for instance. On the other hand, in the case of breakfast dates, it is a lot easier to keep things casual and fun just by  choosing a casual and comfortable outfit, like a sweatshirt and a pair of nice jeans. Rely on your cute personality to impress and fascinate your date, not just on your outfit.

Close up portrait of teen couple enjoying breakfast in restaurant.
Close up portrait of teen couple enjoying breakfast in restaurant.

You will have a Cheap Date

It is known that a breakfast date is cheaper than a dinner date. Regardless of who is paying, although guys do most of the time, it is always a good decision to have a mouth-watering, yet reasonably priced meal every now and then.

You will Have Happy Conversations

Conversations over dinner are likely to focus on things in the past, such as how hectic your day was, how crappy your work was, how inconsiderate your boss was towards you throughout the week. To make matters worse, you might even start complaining about your ex in front of your date, before you know it. On the other hand, as breakfasts are at the start of the day, conversations during breakfasts are happier because they are likely to be your plans for the day and your dreams and aspirations, for instance.

 You will Generally Have No Alcohol

Unless the occasion calls for it, people do not generally go for hard drinks at breakfast, and let’s face it, when alcohol is in the picture, we are not likely to make the wisest decisions and have the best impressions on people. Without the influence of alcohol, one’s true personality is more evident and shines brighter. A breakfast menu generally contains coffee and juice, which keeps things light and fun. Having said that, you can order a Bloody Mary to take care of the nerves. You will be good as long as you don’t drink over three of those.


You will get the Rest of the Day

After dinner dates, people generally rush home. However, after breakfast, you have a lot of errands to run and the rest of the day ahead of you. For example, you may have a barbecue feast to attend at a friend’s place, or lunch with your mom. The good thing is you can take your partner along with you to these things. You may also take a walk around nearby lakes, or go for shopping in some of your favorite places. You have the whole day to enjoy.

Therefore, breakfast dates are a fantastic way to keep the conversations happy and light, and really enjoy one another’s company so that you can stay happily married.

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