Get Creative with Spices

Chefs are artists. Perhaps you never thought of it that way. Yet, the way they artfully mix spices to ensure that their creations are not just palatable but delectable at the same time is impressive. No doubt you have often wondered about the various spices available. So, now it is time to get creative with spices.

Questions like, “what does turmeric taste like?” have probably crossed your mind. You probably didn’t know that turmeric is a root. It comes in a vibrant yellowish-orange color. When added to some exotic dish it can add a mild warmth to the flavor. And, if you like curry, it’s the turmeric within it that gives it that golden hue.

Spices have all sorts of flavors and qualities, and knowing more about them is not impossible. Keep reading for a spark in your culinary creativity.

Get Creative with Spices
Get Creative with Spices

What are Spices Good for?

No one likes bland food. But, most non-foodies don’t fully grasp the answer to, “What are spices good for?” No doubt you have wondered why and when you would use a certain spice in food preparation. Maybe you are still completely uncertain about their inherent value within meal quality. Good thing we can tell you what they are good for:

  • Making it pretty– Adding spices can enhance the colors of your foods. When you do that you make your dish seem more appealing and often brighter than it would appear sans spices. Ever noticed how vibrant Indian foods are? That’s because they use spices that bring out deep oranges and reds. This makes their food look and taste unique. Learn more.
  • Making it smell good– Our sense of smell is directly linked to our sense of taste. When we add spices they give some vivacious aromatic qualities to our foods that make them all the more desirable. They can give a vast scope of flavorful experience as well. Essentially, they enhance the overall quality of the dining experience.
  • Making it yummy– Although many of us resort to the basic salt and pepper additions, there are plenty of spices that can make an impact. In fact, you might not realize it, but cumin actually has the ability of extracting a food’s natural flavor. You can pull out the deliciousness of some delicacy by adding spices that accentuate its natural goodness. They can be good for you too, read this.

We understand that the concept can be a little daunting. Especially, when you aren’t very familiar with the range of spices available to you. But, adding spice, is a lot like painting. When you have all the right tools, and knowledge, mixed with some experience, you will be making dinner a fine dining experience in no time!

Here are Some Spice Hints

Chances are you will find some of these spices in your pantry or spice rack. You may have never considered using them simply because you are unaware of their taste qualities. Much like you wondered what turmeric tasted like. But here are some brief explanations of taste and when/where to use them:

  • Basil- It’s sweet and works well on most meats, in salad dressing, and even on potatoes.
  • Cardamom- Also sweet, this is a great addition to curries, rice, duck, and even squash.
  • Coriander- This is more on the earthy or peppery side. Try it with onions, in stuffing, or on beef.
  • Cumin- Is also earthy, but it’s got more of a smoky flavor. Consider adding it to eggplant, lentils, or green beans.

While we’d love to illuminate the values of all your household spices, we will settle for directing you here. Happy cooking!

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