Creative Ways of Decorating Your Walls

Walls are a very important part of interior décor. Basically the walls are what define the interior décor of a house. As much as there are some people who have embraced the concept of less is more, having something on the wall speaks volumes and hence we should all have some form of wall art. You don’t have to necessarily have large walls to decorate them. You can also work on small spaces and things will roll out just fine. You just have to know the rules, to decorate large walls you will need large pieces of art and to decorate small spaces you will need small pieces of art. As much as wall art is more of a personal feel and depends on your personal taste and preference, some of the different wall arts you can use include:

Creative Ways of Decorating Your Walls
Creative Ways of Decorating Your Walls

Graffiti wall art

Graffiti is one of the common ways that was been used to decorate walls and as much as it was initially commonly used on the streets, it has now been embraced in homes especially from the 21st century. You also don’t have to pint your walls with graffiti as you can always buy graffiti painting. With a painting you can always change since it is not permanent.

3-Dimensional Wall art

This is modern wall art that has been lately embraced. It has been designed in such a way that it can change the look of your space by giving it a focal point for enhanced visual aesthetics when you get into a room. 3D décor has been made in such a way that it has a significant effect where it is placed. You can get a 3D wall art in form of a painting or a canvas and is a great way of changing the look and feel of a room. It is contemporary and hip and can give your room a modern feel.

Mirror wall art

Mirrors are a great way of decorating space. It is one of the most budget friendly or easy to make decors that can be used in a space. Mirror wall art are a great way of transforming a space and creating a different feel in a room. It can be used decoratively to create different effects in a room. You have the option of either using mirror or using a wall art made using pieces of mirror, depends on your personal preference. Good thing is that there is so much versatility when it comes to decorative mirrors as they come in different shapes and sizes and can be used in different rooms. They can also be layered for different effects. Mirrors have a way of creating an illusion of a bigger space.

Glass wall art

This is a great modern way of decorating a wall. Glass is beautiful and can be used to create vibrancy in a room. Glass painting picture printed on glass has grown in popularity as a modern aspect of interior design.

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