Selling Creative Photos Online

If you’re a photographer, it is only obvious that you would want to make some money from your photography. There are many ways that one can do this such as by showcasing them in galleries and selling them online. In this article, we are going to focus on selling photographs online. We are going to try and figure out the most profitable places to sell your photographs online.


It is no surprise that this website has more than 60 million images and videos. That is because with this website, people not only get 50% royalties on the photos sold, but they are also allowed to sell the photos elsewhere.


With more than $350 million paid out to contributors, Shutterstock is one of the websites to reckon with. People get to keep the copyright of their photos, earning up to 30% on royalties. The payouts range between $ 0.25 and $28 depending on the size of the images.

Selling Creative Photos Online

iStock Photo

if you’re just starting out on selling stock photos, iStock Photo is probably the best place to begin. It has forums and resources to give newbies an insight into the world of photo sales. Their royalty payments start at 15% per download, increasing up to 45% depending on popularity. For those selling their photos exclusively in iStock Photo, they give royalties of between 22-45%. This contract can be terminated after giving the company a 30-day notice.


If you use Facebook or Instagram, then you’re in luck because Photrist is what you need. With Photrist, one can take photos, share them on Facebook or Instagram and even sell them. Photrist is easy to join, and all that one has to do is to register, create a stripe account that one will be using to send money to their bank accounts, and then they can begin uploading digital media. It is free to join with photos being sold for $9.99 and the seller getting $7. They offer royalties of up to 70%, making them the highest paying among all the other sites. Unlike other sites that charge or offer no storage, Photrist offer 5GB storage for your media.

Photrist have a premium version that will charge $10 per month, the Photrist Adventurer, and this will have its own advantages such as the ability to set your own prices, 100% commission and 50GB storage to begin with. It also comes with extensive analytics and full print media options such as canvas, postcards and T-shirt’s. There is also another premium version coming up soon, the Photrist Professional version at $37 per month. This one comes with even more added features such as building subscriber lists with the ability to email and send notifications, unlimited storage, paid group events and live stream from camera to device.

Photrist works well for both hobbyists and professionals, and in order to sell your media from this platform, you must adhere to the regulations below:

  • Have a Stripe account to transfer funds
  • Be the exclusive author of every file you upload
  • Own or have authorization for all the rights to the elements represented in your files (e.g. products, people, property)
  • You must confirm your account (by clicking the link in the confirmation email)

Note: To avoid fraud, every member must wait at least 30 days after their first sale before they can withdraw their cash.

All sales are converted to credits, and credits are converted into the currency of the country in which the Photrist account was created in, with a 1 to 1 ration (i.e. in USA 1 credit = $1).


People are making money selling their photos online and above were some of the channels through which they are doing it. You too can sell photos online, and if I were you, I would go with Photrist. They even have mobile apps to make it more convenient, since everyone does everything on their devices nowadays.

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