Show Off Your Creative Side with Face Painting

It’s hard to get people to recognize your creativity.  You either have to pluck out a phone and show someone some of your artworks or you have to promote like crazy on social media.  Face painting is a terrific way to inform everyone you meet, instantly of your creative capabilities.  Any occasion is good for a face painting session.  You can wear good face paint for performances, dress up parties, market days, wacky days, casual days, birthdays, for bachelorette parties or any other occasion you can think of.  You are never too old or too young to wear face paint.  All you need is the right theme, good skill and the right tools and you can show off your creative skills at any time.

Show Off Your Creative Side with Face Painting

Get face paint

You cannot simply use ordinary paint on your face.  Normal paint has a lot of chemicals that can harm or stain your skin. You should invest in some good quality face paint so your skin will be taken good care off no matter how long you wear the paint.

Get a good makeup set

Normal makeup is a great alternative or addition to face paint.  You can add some glitter to your face paint with makeup or simply use makeup only.  Makeup might be a bit more expensive than face paint but is specially developed for long wear on skin which means your skin will be better protected than with face paints.

Invest in a good facial cream

Apply a good facial cream before you apply face paint so your skin won’t dry out or get stained as a result.

A good set of makeup brushes is a must

With a good set of makeup brushes you can create any face paint pattern your heart desires.  Sound Body Life is a great resource for the best makeup brush sets on the market.  The sets include large brushes for powders and even small or wide brushes for different types of strokes and for delicate work.  You can use the makeup brushes with normal makeup or let your creative juices flow and turn your face into a work of art with some face paint.  With a good set of makeup brushes you can work as delicately as you need to get your unique face painting done.

Look for great face painting ideas online

The internet is a good place to find inspiration for your face paintings.  You can check out the Google search engine results or visit Pinterest and YouTube for some fantastic face painting tutorials.  The tutorials are great for teaching you how to do face painting and you can look for terrific face paint ideas.  There are tons of different face paint concepts that you can try.  You can go for a tribal face paint look, turn yourself into a live comic book character, cute up by converting your face into that of a puppy or deer or scare the heck out of everyone by giving some zombie face paintings a try.  The internet is loaded with tons of fantastic ideas for any occasion.

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