Start a Travel Journal for Improved Creativity

Any artist can tell you all about the benefits of traveling.  When you travel more you get a lot more inspiration and ideas for your art.  You also learn a lot while on journey and each journey helps to develop your personality, abilities, skills and life goals.  Traveling is fantastic for improving creativity because you see so many wonderful sights, glorious places; beautiful people and majestic animals and you also get to sample other artist’s works from all over the world.

What is a travel journal?

A travel journal is a creative journal that you use to document your experiences.  Most travel journals will include photographs, pictures, paintings, explanations and souvenirs such as candy paper wrappers or movie tickets that you collect while on your journeys.  Travel journaling is great for capturing memories and images of the places you explore and things you do.

Start a Travel Journal for Improved Creativity

See the world through Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways is a terrific site that you simply must have a look at if you want to explore the world.  Most touring agencies only give you the holiday version of a country but with Rustic Pathways you explore a country in its true form because you see natural places, explore natural beauty, and communicate with locals and even do community service while you are on journey.  You also get to have a lot of fun with all of their fantastic activities that some of the programs include.  Rustic Pathways offers different travel opportunities such as.

Spring Break Programs – The spring break programs are only 8 days long and is perfect for first time travelers who want to make the most of a short break, have fun and do something meaningful while on holiday.  There are several different spring break programs such as the Sacred Valley Service, Peaks to Powder, Spring to Fiji and more that you can enjoy on your spring break. 

Group Travel Programs – Groups travel much more affordably than individual students and there are hundreds of destinations to choose from and lots of programs that you can consider when you and a group of friends decide to go on a journey together. 

Gap Year Programs – These gap year programs are perfect for students who still want to do a bit of soul searching.  The gap year programs includes three different types of gap years and there are lots of different programs to choose from that all include lots of fun, traveling, service, activities and more.

Glorious scenes creates glorious ideas

If traveling with Rustic Pathways does not improve your creativity levels then nothing on earth will.  Travel journaling is super fun and when you travel through this fantastic student travel agency you are sure to find something terrific to add to your journal each and every day.  All of the glorious things you will see will be great inspiration for artworks, the community service will keep you humble and hardworking and exploring and traveling is fantastic for building self-confidence.

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Show Off Your Creative Side with Face Painting

It’s hard to get people to recognize your creativity.  You either have to pluck out a phone and show someone some of your artworks or you have to promote like crazy on social media.  Face painting is a terrific way to inform everyone you meet, instantly of your creative capabilities.  Any occasion is good for a face painting session.  You can wear good face paint for performances, dress up parties, market days, wacky days, casual days, birthdays, for bachelorette parties or any other occasion you can think of.  You are never too old or too young to wear face paint.  All you need is the right theme, good skill and the right tools and you can show off your creative skills at any time.

Show Off Your Creative Side with Face Painting

Get face paint

You cannot simply use ordinary paint on your face.  Normal paint has a lot of chemicals that can harm or stain your skin. You should invest in some good quality face paint so your skin will be taken good care off no matter how long you wear the paint.

Get a good makeup set

Normal makeup is a great alternative or addition to face paint.  You can add some glitter to your face paint with makeup or simply use makeup only.  Makeup might be a bit more expensive than face paint but is specially developed for long wear on skin which means your skin will be better protected than with face paints.

Invest in a good facial cream

Apply a good facial cream before you apply face paint so your skin won’t dry out or get stained as a result.

A good set of makeup brushes is a must

With a good set of makeup brushes you can create any face paint pattern your heart desires.  Sound Body Life is a great resource for the best makeup brush sets on the market.  The sets include large brushes for powders and even small or wide brushes for different types of strokes and for delicate work.  You can use the makeup brushes with normal makeup or let your creative juices flow and turn your face into a work of art with some face paint.  With a good set of makeup brushes you can work as delicately as you need to get your unique face painting done.

Look for great face painting ideas online

The internet is a good place to find inspiration for your face paintings.  You can check out the Google search engine results or visit Pinterest and YouTube for some fantastic face painting tutorials.  The tutorials are great for teaching you how to do face painting and you can look for terrific face paint ideas.  There are tons of different face paint concepts that you can try.  You can go for a tribal face paint look, turn yourself into a live comic book character, cute up by converting your face into that of a puppy or deer or scare the heck out of everyone by giving some zombie face paintings a try.  The internet is loaded with tons of fantastic ideas for any occasion.

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Creative Minds and Insomnia – What Is The Link?

One of the biggest reasons why so many creative people and artists suffer from mental illnesses like depressions is due to the fact that they have different sleeping patterns than most people.  Creative people are more likely to struggle to fall asleep and a most creative people don’t sleep quite as well.  Some even think that insomnia is the exact reason why creative people are interested in art.  The belief is that your mind is trying to make up for the lack of sleep and the lack of dreaming by creating physical art.  The lack of sleep might be good for your creative senses but is in fact terrible for your physical and especially your mental health.  Lots of artists in the past have suffered from mental illnesses and insomnia.  Vincent van Gogh, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Groucho Marx are just a few examples of famous creative people who suffer or suffered from insomnia.

Creative Minds and Insomnia – What Is The Link?

Will a cure for insomnia take away creativity?

It is natural to want to sleep more at night.  When you sleep better, you are more positive, can think clearly, have more energy and you feel much better. But because of the link between creativity and insomnia, you might wonder if curing your insomnia will affect your creativity.  Well, in truth there is no real answer for whether your creativity will dry up with improved sleep because the link between creativity and insomnia is still being researched. This means you have a choice to make. Get medical treatments to cure your insomnia and risk losing your creative senses or hang in there and keep your eye on medical science until you can find out more.

Find out more about medical science from Dove Press

Dove Medical Press is a fascinating academic publishing company.  They offer frequent publications on medical findings, research, speculations and medications.  The UK Dove Press team consists of a large team of researchers and authors who are constantly working hard to bring you the best and most modern information on the medical field.  They cover any medical topic and a lot of their articles can benefit you a lot because if you know more about medical conditions and diseases, you will know the best steps to take to improve your quality of life.  Keeping an eye on Dove Medical Press is a great way to expand your general knowledge and you will know what to do regarding your insomnia and creative crisis the moment new findings is available on the topic.

Why it is good for creative minds to be interested in the medical field

As said before, creative minds are more likely to suffer from mental illnesses.  If you can sharpen up your general knowledge on medical conditions, you can identify these problems in your own life a lot easier and get the help you need.  Life is too short to be sad, suffer or endure pain unnecessarily. Each and every person deserves a happy and fulfilling life filled with laughter and joy and you too can have a happy life if you constantly monitor your own personal health.

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The Reasons Why Men Love Vaping

Do you know that vaping has started in the year 2004? If you have only become interested in it recently, you may think that this is new. More and more people are seeing the benefits of Vaping. You can click here in order to find the right vape for you. There are a lot of vape types and brand that you can choose from. You can consider the price as well as how strong the vape is in order to fit your current needs.

The Reasons Why Men Love Vaping

Here are some of the reasons why a lot of men just love vaping:

  1. When you vape, there is no distinct odor.

If there is one thing that you may not like about smoking, it is the fact that you smell after you smoke. No matter how hard you try to hide it, other people will smell you especially if you do not have perfume or other items that you can use in order to take the odor away. When you do vaping, you know for sure, that you will not smell. In fact, your smell might be a bit sweet and pleasant to smell.

  1. Vaping can be considered cheap.

Of course, the vape that you are going to purchase may cost a bit of money but you only have to spend that money one time. As long you would maintain your vape, you only need to worry about what you are going to put in it in order to relax you but otherwise, you do not have to spend too much anymore.

  1. Vaping is safe for you.

You do not need to be exposed to smoke anymore and to all the harmful effects of smoke. Rather, you can be exposed to vapor that will not harm your body in any way. No need to worry about your vape burning your hair, your clothes and even you skin. As long as you would use your vape properly and you will set it up appropriately, it will not explode.

  1. Vaping can be a good hobby.

You do know that you need a good hobby in order to put your mind at ease and to generally make you feel better about life in general. If you normally feel bored about everything, vaping can be a great hobby to have. You will have a fun time mixing and matching different parts in order to make the best out of your vape MOD.

  1. You would like to try all the different flavors that vaping can offer.

Vaping will allow you to be exposed to different tastes that you have never experienced before. You will be exploring new combinations that may be enough to make you happy and satisfied for a while until you find other flavors that you think are truly exquisite.

  1. You will be able to relax through vaping.

Vaping may come with a lot of medicinal benefits as long as you would use it correctly. At the same time, vaping will lessen your feelings of stress that can be bad for your health. Do you know that some people get rid of some uncomfortable symptoms like headaches simply because of vaping?

With all of these reasons to vape, don’t you think it’s about time that you try it too?

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Beginning Your Creative Blog Endeavor

There’s no reason to remain a starving artist, after all, the online community is rife with people willing and able to spend money. The problem, of course, is gaining access to their pocketbooks. That means you will need some assistance beginning your creative blog endeavor. Blogging brings your customers to you. And, it gives you the opportunity to sell your wares to people who care about supporting true talent. It’s time to take the creative blogging plunge.

First, you will need to choose the platform for your site. There are several great ones out there, but we prefer WordPress. Although you will hopefully be selling your own products on your site, it is in your best interest to learn how to display ads on a WordPress site. Monetizing your blog will increase your income. And, utilizing Advertise World will enable you to circumvent the ad blockers that 40% of your online readership employs. Now that you have all the monetizing info you need, let’s move on.

Beginning Your Creative Blog Endeavor

5 Steps to Starting that Kick Butt Site

The truth is, not everyone is capable of writing really good content. And, not everyone is technologically savvy. You might have to employ creative writers or at least get a good editor. But, if you think you are ready to take on that giant, here are 5 steps to starting that kick butt site:

  1. Find Inspiration– Creativity’s catalyst is definitely inspiration. You need something to strive toward; some goal you wish to attain. Consider people who are doing things similar to your own creative outlets and watch how they run their business and blog.
  2. Plan– As much as we artists like to fly by the seat of our pants, good blogs are well-planned. Take the time to brainstorm some pieces you want to include on your new site. Don’t just sit down and start writing. Also, invest some effort in learning about proper blogging styles and SEO. You don’t want to have to go back later to try to maximize traffic to your posts.
  3. Consider the Theme– Since we suggested that you utilize WordPress, you will find that there are a plethora of free themes available. That makes the most sense as an upstart. But, if you are willing to invest a little money to get the site going, feel free to look at the more customizable themes. Find one that suits the design on your site. Take the time to read more about website themes.
  4. Put the Word out– The biggest problem for any upstart, whether it is online or brick and mortar, is promotion. People can’t go to your site or your shop if they don’t know you exist. That’s no joke. You are sure to fail if you don’t let EVERYONE know you exist. That means employing every social media avenue you have access too. But you can read more about that strategy right here.
  5. Email Marketing– As annoying as those emails may be in your inbox, you need to be that person who sends potential customers a regular update. In truth, if you design your emails properly, make them engaging, and don’t say too much, or send them out too frequently, people will actually respond. Please learn more about great ways to utilize email marketing.

These 5 steps are a goldmine. Don’t blow them off and think you can go all willy-nilly into this. You really do need to plan and research.

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Ways to inspire your creativity

We all have an inner creativity that sometimes needs to be boosted to surface. There is something therapeutic about doing something creative like painting, beading, and writing or sculpting. It is possible to awaken our dormant activity by doing a couple of creative things. Inspiration lies but a few steps away if we allow ourselves to unleash that inner artist and thinker. In this article we will be looking at a couple of effective ways to unleash our creativity. Click here for more ways to spark your creativity.

The first step is to accept that you are creative. Most people will say that they aren’t creative at all where in fact everyone has creativity in them. You might not have the same style as everyone else but that is what makes us individuals. Don’t freeze the creative part of yourself because you are afraid of criticism. Sometimes it is necessary to unleash our full potential to complete a task or something we have always wanted to do. This is the ideal time to think outside the box and not focus on the normal things even if this means you need to take a step outside your comfort zone. As creative beings we need to change our perspective and how we see things.

Ways to inspire your creativity

Change your look and perhaps your environment. Spending time in nature is a great way to unleash our inner artist or poet. There is nothing as effective to awaken your inner creative child as experiencing the world and everything it has to offer. Travelling is a great way to find art and creativity while experiencing other cultures. Give yourself a makeover. Take a look at the best straight razor to experience the perfect shave in the traditional way like it is done at a barber. In other words do things differently from how you have always done them.

Set aside time to do something creative which can include anything from sketching to learning to play an instrument. You need to practice and feed your inner creativity to get to the point of full potential. Click here for ideas when choosing a creative activity. You should preferably pick something that you are passionate about in order to keep you interested. There are too many times when we start an activity or hobby and give it up much too soon because we get bored. Find something that you can see yourself doing for the next five years.

Another fantastic way to awaken your creativity is to study the work of those that specialize in what you would like to do. If your choice is visual art find artists that you admire and enjoy their work. Learning from the experts is incredibly easy with the internet. You can find just about anything online which can include your favorite paintings, poems and art lessons. It is important to know that we are never too old to learn and it is admirable when adults learn a new craft or hobby.

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Listen to Your Wife and Protect Your Marriage!

Many men make the common mistake of not doing what they’re told to when they’re told to by their wives. Although it might not cause anything more than a minor dispute, arguing with someone you love will still be something that will leave you feeling uncomfortable, and maybe even guilty if you manage to win the argument. That said, you might think that you’ll easily get away with not listening to your wife every once in a while because she’s exaggerating, however, there are times when that’s just not the case anymore, and you have to listen to her for your own good. Pests are one such reason.

Listen to Your Wife and Protect Your Marriage!

Controlling cockroaches

Pests are a very common problem in many households around the world, and although not a lot of the pest infestation cases are very bad, unless the homeowner has been very careless about it, the infestation can easily go from bad to worse and make the homeowner’s life an absolute living hell.

And so, when your wife tells you that there’s a pest problem, then you better take her seriously, as otherwise, your carelessness could not only jeopardize your health as well as your wife’s, but it could also cost you a lot of money to control a problem that has already gone completely out of hand. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry, so listen to her when she tells you to deal with it immediately, as otherwise, you’d be the one suffering for it.

That stated, cockroaches are among the most common of all pests living in the cracks of your household, emerging whenever they find it to be convenient. There are many that are terrified of cockroaches, and if you or your wife happen to be one such person, then you’d better take action soon. The most terrifying cockroaches, according to many people, are the ones that can fly, which are also known as the American cockroaches. In order to know how to control them, you need to learn a little about their characteristics and behavior first.

Although American cockroaches usually live outdoors, they enter homes in order to look for food and water, meaning that they’re more than likely to contaminate your food supply in the process. To check if your house has been infested by these cockroaches, you can check for signs by looking for cockroach eggs, which you might notice in your kitchen, basement, or laundry room. Another sign that your house might be infested by cockroaches is if you find cockroach droppings in dark areas where they might hide, such as pantries, behind appliances, in the basement, etc.

So the next time your wife complains about cockroach infestations, take immediate steps to get rid of the problem and don’t antagonize her! Search here for various pest solutions, and if you want to learn more about cockroaches and how you can deal with them, or about any other type of common household pets and how you might exterminate them, check out

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Top Reasons Why You Should Get More Acquainted With Mortgage Brokers

If you aren’t that clued up on the services and benefits of mortgage brokers then it is time to start researching them immediately because they could just transform the way you live.  They could even give you a steady financial future so you can be taken care of no matter how tough your job gets.  Here are some of the top things that mortgage brokers can do for you;

Get a home loan – You can get a home loan for the home of your dreams through mortgage brokers and enjoy low interest rates and a long payment option that allows you to still live comfortably despite your mortgage.

Get a personal loan – With a personal loan supplied by a broker firm, you can do just about anything you like. You can transform your home, get a cozy pool or perhaps even enjoy a fantastic holiday.  As long as the loan gets paid off, you shouldn’t get any trouble from the firm.

Get a business loan – Not many brokers are willing to finance business loans because the risk in businesses is often much higher than with home loans.  Those that do offer business loans will allow you to do with your loan what you like.  You can promote your business, invest in new stock, extend your services or perhaps even buy a completely new company.  You can also apply for an overdraft at some firms so you can be more effective during tough times.

Second mortgage – When you are applying for a second mortgage, you are using your home as the security asset for the second loan.  Second mortgages have a higher interest rate but you can use the cash in any way you see fit for example; for renovations or for extensions to your home.

Top Reasons Why You Should Get More Acquainted With Mortgage Brokers

How to choose the best firm

Experience – The broker firm you decide on should have a few years of experience behind their name to ensure that they will be able to handle your mortgage correctly.

Professionalism – A good mortgage broker will be professional from the start.  You can rely on professional telephone conversations, professional emails and professional service.

Reliable – The best firms will be completely reliable so you can trust your future in their hands

Effort – Good mortgage brokers puts in a lot of effort when it comes to serving you.  Some are even open 24 hours a day to be able to serve you better.

You can have a look at to get a good idea of the services and benefits of one of the best mortgage brokers in Melbourne or perhaps even entrust them with your home loan so you can be sure that your home loan will be handled as professionally as possible.

It is important to stick to a well-known and well trusted mortgage broker because you will be walking a long journey with your broker firm since some home loans can be extended over the period of 15 years.  With a good broker firm, you will be taken good care of for the duration of your mortgage.

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Creative Ways to Avoid Spending Money

There are times when you already know that you are spending too much money but you somehow do now know what you can do about it. You have been spending so much on things that you may not even need but you cannot help yourself. This may be because of depression or because you just want to acquire as many things as you can. You do not see the point of having savings just yet.


A spending problem is something that only you can cure. You may choose to seek professional help but the will in order to stop spending will be entirely up to you. There will be moments when you will feel powerless about what you are going through but now is the time for you to become even stronger than before.


Remember that spending too much is not something that will immediately go away but if you would make some simple efforts, you know that this will help you tremendously. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Make sure that you will not use your credit card to spend on various things.

When you have a credit card, you will be tempted to buy things that you do not necessarily need because in your opinion, you will only have to pay the minimum amount for all the things that you have spent at the end of the month but actually, when you use your credit card, you have a bigger chance of spending more money and this is something that you should stop now.


  1. Also stop using your debit card.

You may think that it will be best for you if you could use your debit card instead of your credit card but this is also the same. As long as you have money on your debit card, you can spend as much as you like on the various things that your heart desires. No need to wait for tax return anymore to spend as you can simply pay for anything with your debit card.


  1. Try to do things on your own.

Do you feel that you still need to hire someone in order to clean your home? If you have the time and the strength to do it yourself, why not do it? You know that the extra movement will allow you to burn calories. At the same time, you can be more meticulous about the cleaning that you are going to do. You will be more thorough.


  1. Do some DIY around your home.

Do you have some items at home that are not in good condition anymore? If you have some knowledge about DIY then you may unleash your creative manners to bring new life to these items. You may become amazed with what you can do because you never realized that you have some talents that you never thought were possible.


  1. Only shop when you actually need to.

What did you purchase in the grocery store? Did you purchase items that you actually need or you just spent too much on different items again? Avoid going to different stores. Instead, make sure that you will only shop when you need to so you can be sure with what you are going to get.


Not spending money too much will help you reflect about things that are happening in your life. This will allow you to focus on other things that you need.

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Get the most out of your tanning bed experience

When the summer is fast approaching, many people will have very pale skin after all of the months of no sun during the winter and the spring. As you don’t want to be walking the streets as pale as a ghost, people often decide to use alternative methods in order to get a bit of colour back into their skin and use alternative tanning methods. Some of the more popular methods are using some form of fake tan lotion or tanning beds.

If you are thinking about using tanning beds, you need to consider all of the pros and cons that are associated with the prolonged use of these machines. Studies have revealed that for those people who use the tanning beds on a prolonged basis elevate their risk of suffering from skin cancer at some stage in their life.

If you have taken all of these factors into consideration and decided to go ahead with the tanning bed process, there are a few tips that you need to take on board in order to optimise the experience. This could range from what are the best tanning bed bulbs to what is the best lotion to use. Keep reading this article to find out some of these useful tips.

Get the most out of your tanning bed experience

What type of clothing should you be wearing in the tanning bed?

When you are using a tanning bed, the best port of call is to use it while you are fully naked. This ensures that you will have no tan lines that you would have if you were wearing any form of clothing, such as a swimsuit. Many people do not want to use these tanning beds naked as they don’t like the feeling of being somewhere where many other people have also lain naked. This is despite the fact that if you are dealing with a reputable tanning bed salon, they will ensure that the beds are fully cleaned and sterile between each customer.

Using protective eyewear

When you expose your eyes to UV rays over a long period of time, you will cause your eyes a lot of damage. This can range from damage to the retinas to the development of cataracts and even blindness in certain cases. Shielding your eyes with a towel or simply closing your eyelids is not enough; the rays will penetrate these surfaces.

Instead, most salons will offer you disposable tanning bed goggles that will protect your eyes. You don’t have to worry about other people using these goggles as they are normally disposal one use goggles. Alternatively, you can invest in your own pair of tanning goggles that you can bring with you every time you visit a tanning bed salon.

How long should you use the tanning bed for?

When you are using a tanning bed, you need to take your skin type into account when figuring out how long you are going to stay in it. If you have pale skin that burns easily, you should start off slow and gradually build up the time you spend in the bed until you reach an optimal duration

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