Ideas to help you organize a messy craft room

Artists are messy or are they? You don’t necessarily have to be. It makes sense that you will feel more creative and inspired if your art room is organized. There really is such a thing as organized chaos but unfortunately this does not mean we have a ticket to let our craft rooms turn into a hoarding paradise. In most cases it is the norm that craft rooms are messy with craft items and materials lying everywhere. It is fun to have a craft or hobby but not so much fun to keep our working area clean and organized. With tiny items like buttons, ribbons and other materials we decide the effort isn’t worth it and just leave things as they are. In most cases you will enjoy your craft more if your supplies are organized and if everything has its place. Click here to take a look at some great examples of craft or hobby rooms.

Ideas to help you organize a messy craft room

If you enjoy sewing you must know all about the frustration of dealing with material scraps and cotton. Make sure you get lidded bins to keep everything in its place. You might also want to get hold of a thread catcher which will eliminate the problem of having to deal with pieces of thread lying everywhere. There are many ways to make your sewing room neater and more comfortable. Take a look at for the best blinds to compliment your sewing room. It is easy to obtain a quote and you get to choose from a variety of patterns and styles for your custom made blinds. Blinds are a better option for a craft room simply because you decide how much light you would like to let in. There is nothing worse than having to deal with too much sunlight whilst painting.

Knitting and crocheting can also turn out to be quite a messy hobby. Make sure you keep yarn; wool organized and rolled up for the next time you want to use it. Get plastic tubes or baskets to keep everything in order and take a bit of time to catalogue all the items that you have in your craft room. You might also want to add a few shelves to have more storage space. There are many ways that you can store needles and pins so make sure you make yourself a cute cushion or container for that. If you are a painter you can also strive for the perfect studio. Just because there is a stigma to artists that they are untidy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be. It is bad for your paints to be exposed so make sure you seal all caps and that it is stored in a cool and dry place. It is rather expensive to have to buy new paints and for that reason save yourself a bunch by keeping everything stored effectively. Click here to learn more about storing your paint and brushes.

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