Cleanliness Keeps People Motivated and Creative

It is important for us to maintain cleanliness, whether it is personal hygiene, home cleanliness and even cleanliness in our industries. When we are in clean environments, we tend to feel energized and creative in whatever we do. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of cleanliness in our industries.

Clean equipment

In the preparation, production and manufacture of food products or any other sort of material, using clean equipment is important. In the case of the food industries, n any sort of negligence could lead to cross contamination

bacteria build and up and shorter lifecycles for machinery and tools.

  • Ensure all equipment for the production, storage and transport of food is easy to clean.
  • Ensure the cleaning and disinfecting procedure does not damage the equipment in any way.
  • Ensure cleaning agents are rinsed away as part of the procedure, and that they do not leave potentially toxic residue.
  • Develop regular maintenance and calibration schedules for all equipment.

Personal hygiene for staff and visitors

It doesn’t matter where a person is working, be it on the factory floor or in the production area, strict hygienic procedures should be adhered to. Some of these procedures include:

  • Washing of hands
  • Transparent communication of any illnesses that could affect food quality.
  • Appropriate attire at all times.
  • Full training and appropriate use of machinery.
  • Minimal contact with ready to eat food.
  • No coughing, sneezing, spitting or eating of food around the production areas.

Resin Flooring

Operational cleaning, maintenance and hygiene

There must be good workplace procedures in the following areas for effective cleaning and sanitization:

  • Effective and correct cleaning and sanitization applications.
  • Prevention of dust, metals, glass, chemicals and other foreign objects from entering the food production areas.
  • High standard water quality.
  • Temperature control across the product lifecycle, from production to storage and transport.
  • Consistent disinfectant of areas that have come in contact with raw foods, particularly meats.

Transforming Factory Floors with Resdev Pumatect

Good levels of operational hygiene are required to achieve the cleanliness levels needed for these industries. We are now going to review Resdev Pumatect, some of the best floors that one can get for their factory or industries. Protective Surface Coatings, the people that handle Resdev Pumatect did a total transformation of one of the plants of an Automotive giant in the UK. The company’s floors were worn out and they wanted to transform it into a warehouse since it did not have much hope.

When the Protective Surface Coatings team got there, the first thing that they did was to mechanically clean the surface with an enclosed shotblasting machine to remove all dirt and grease. A surface dump membrane was applied onto the floor by two coats of solvent free, followed by a residual moisture suppressant Pumaprime DPM to combat a moisture problem in the original concrete.

To repair all holes, damaged areas and cracks, an epoxy mortar compound was used, followed by two coats of Resdev’s Pumatect high build epoxy resin in a light grey color. The addition of Pumatect V epoxy resin safety yellow demarcation lines to indicate walkways and gangways, completed the floor.

Within an eight-day agreed upon time, the project was successfully completed, totally transforming the warehouse floor. This type of flooring best works for medium duty areas requiring an easy to clean, tough and durable coating with excellent chemical resistance such as warehouses, factories, workshops, showrooms, packing and storage areas, as well as food preparation rooms. Pumatect is suitable for regular foot traffic, light duty fork lift truck traffic and occasional hard plastic-wheeled trolleys.


Having clean attractive floors that are durable is something that every industry owner dreams of. In this case, there is the Resdev commercial resin flooring that will work perfectly for your floors and make you say goodbye to all the other weary floors.

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